Master the Digital Maze

Hello I'm Anne Gould - my background is as a journalist editing newspapers and magazines. 
Having retrained my passion is now empowering mid-life business owners to embrace technology particularly using visual communication - video, photography and social media.
  • Smartphone Video Training
  • Social MediaTrainig
  • One to One Video Marketing
  • Instagram Intensive


Grow your business in 2020 with short form social media content that's compelling, consumable and engaging.

Master the Digital Maze for Midlifers

A six-month confidence building course for  business owners includes:
  • video
  •  social media
  •  confident  communication
  • building digital courses
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One to One training

Individual training sessions for:
  • Video
  • Social Media
  • PR/Strategy
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No Stamp Needed with Video - FREE eBook

Video is changing our world - the way we communicate and even the way our brains are wired. Want to know more? This Free ebook explains all.

Top Smartphone Apps for Business Video

If you want your business video to look professional you need the right tools for the job. This list of essential applications will help you do just that.

Smartphone Video for Midlifers (Module One of the Master the Digital Maze for Midlifers)

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