Master Business Video - Plan your Strategy by anne gould

Master Business Video - Plan your Strategy

No two businesses are alike - and no two Video Marketing Strategies are alike. Learn how to create a bespoke marketing plan that works for your business.

What's included?

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Day One
Video Strategy 1 - Why you need a strategy.mp4
6 mins
Day One - Creating a Video Strategy workbook.pdf
4.86 MB
Day Two
Video Strategy 2 - Video Styles.mp4
7 mins
Video Styles PDF.pdf
23.4 KB
Day Three
Video Strategy - Lesson 3.mp4
6 mins
Video Resources Checklist.pdf
33.2 KB
Day 4
Video Strategy - Lesson 4 Research.mp4
9 mins
Day Five
Day 5 _ Video Strategy Challenge.mp4
6 mins
Video Content Planner 2020.pdf
104 KB


This challenge was phenomenal!! Just the right length, not overloaded with content, really practical and useful tips and good insight.
Jennifer Hoenig
Thank you so much for running this course - it has been a real eye-opener for me and shown me I need to think about this more.
Micheala Frizelle

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