Master the Digital Maze for Midlifers by anne gould

Master the Digital Maze for Midlifers

Master your Message - the Fear-Free Communication Framework for midlife entrepreneurs

… for tech-challenged business owners, coaches, experts, and service-providers who want to be able to communicate,  market and grow their business in words, pictures and video…

... without having the embarrassment of  having to ask their teenagers how to troubleshoot their every online move.

It’s a six-month learning experience - in plain English - that will transform your business so that you will not only understand what to say to attract your audience and potential customers online but how to say it too.

What's Covered

Module 1 : Video and Digital Storytelling

Learn to love video and use this amazing instant medium to create long lasting connections with your audience.

You’ll learn how to use and make video so that your audience will learn to see, connect and know you and what you do before they have even met you and in doing so will trust you enough to buy.

Why video? Quite simply your audience will remember more of your video message than something you ask them to read. According to Insivia - viewers retain 95 per cent of our message on video and ten percent when they read the same message as text.  

Combine video with powerful storytelling and photography and your messaging will make a marketing impact that’s instant and unforgettable.

You’ll learn five really easy video styles that you can shoot and create quickly and effevctively.
You’ll learn about live streaming, screencasting, script writing and refining, video editing and video optimising. 

This four week video module will also show you how to feel confident in front of camera, how to optimise your videos and creating a YouTube Channel too.

Module 2 : Words, Marketing and Social Media

Crafting posts, emails, blogs and even books without the need to worry about a teacher with a red pen standing behind you.
Learn to use technology that will do the work for you. 
This module will also take those who believe they can’t write on a deep dive into platforms that are picture and video led - concentrating on Instagram, Instagram Stories, IGTV  and YouTube.

Module Three: Online Course Toolkit

Use the skills you have learned to make an online course that people want to buy.

Online courses need a wide variety of planning skills: We’ll look at how to create a course and what tools you need to create the course.

Do you run the course on your website or on a seperate platform?

Teaching live or do you create an evergreen course?

Creating content - how much time does it really take? 

Should you start off with a pilot course?

Module 4 : PR and Publicity Grow your reach and get your message seen and broadcast through the media.

Understanding your unique story and how that story can be used in newspapers, magazines and broadcast media.

One appearance on a local radio show, a local paper or magazine can be all it takes for your story to be picked up and run in national media.

This module will show you how to craft your story for the media, you’ll be shown how to create a press release and pitch to the media.

You’ll also learn why sometimes a press release won’t work - and alternative ways to get your stories in front of the journalists who write the stories.

Module 5: The Content Revolution.

How to instantly connect with your ideal customer by getting your message across effectively on your website and online. 
Learn how to understand and tell your unique story and in doing so connect with new audiences and your ideal customers.  Learn to “write” even if you hate writing. 
Customers are the lifeblood of every business but without them it doesn’t matter how good you, your product or service might be if they don’t know you exist.

People buy people and the reason they connect and buy is because they know and trust you - but if you are hiding your light under a bushel those customers won’t appear by magic.

That’s why your video, podcasts, blogs, emails and social media are so vital - they help you literally stop your audience in their tracks so they will feel they know, like, and trust you enough to buy from you.

The Content and Communication module will delve into the world of storytelling - the most potent communication tool on the planet and help you discover your unique untold stories that will help you and your business stand out as a beacon so buyers can not only find you but connect with you and purchase what you have to offer.

You’ll discover why people remember stories better than facts and figures and look at ways you can use them to attract your ideal customers without needing to spend on advertising.

Develop your foolproof “Audience Building” Framework - using panic-free posting and communication. 

Understand how you can connect with your dream clients, without tears or fears. 

Learn how you can confidently push the send/post button and your message is heard by your ideal paying clients

Module 6 : Picture Perfect

How to use your smartphone to create pictures that stop the scroll and make your audience stop and stare. 

Learn to “see the picture” so you can show your customers what you are about and connect with them emotionally through exquisite image


Learn to “see the picture” so you can show your customers what you are about and connect with them emotionally through exquisite images.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words and it takes just milliseconds for our brain to process pictures.

This module will show you how to see the world in a whole different way and how to translate that wonder through your photography and how to create images with instant impact.

As a result your picture posts will get more likes, more comments and more shares - and the more people engage, get to know you and what you stand for the more likely they are to buy.

This means the images you use on social media and marketing posts will have such  instant impact - that your potential customers will stop scrolling, and buy from you rather than from your competitor.

Remember we buy and with our eyes so this instant visual communication makes a massive impact.

We’ll be doing a deep dive into how to shoot confident “Selfies” that you are happy with, product shots and smartphone pictures that will make your social media come alive.

You will learn to understand natural light and studio light and  how you can use it to change the way a picture looks.

These skills are the basics that will ensure in Module 3  powerful video you’ll have a head start.

This module includes picture editing, using your pictures to create stress-free graphics and GIFs on Canva which will help you develop your brand and your brand presence so that your audience knows it’s you and can spot your posts  before they have even read them.

Fully Supported

If you are launching a  business in mid-life you’ll have a lifetime of expertise in what you are good at and although you may have teenagers or young adults in your life who can sometimes help - they can’t always trouble shoot from a business perspective. Master Your Message offers you SUPPORT, without judgement.

That’s why you’ll also receive direct access to me inside a private Facebook group throughout the course.


MASTER YOUR MESSAGE commences October 1 2020 and runs until March 2021

All classes will be delivered live via Zoom online, so you can attend from anywhere.

All classes will be recorded, and you will have unlimited access to the replays inside a private members’ portal.

There will be two teaching classes a month plus additional Q&A calls. In addition there will be access of a comprehensive library of how to videos, worksheets, PDF’s and downloads.

Plus: There will be a private Facebook page for day to day support and questions.


£500 or £99 a month for six months