Video and Visual Storytelling for Professionals by anne gould

Video and Visual Storytelling for Professionals

Smartphone Video for Business

What's included?

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Digital Video and Visual Training for Professionals
Visual Storytelling
What's in the Picture - January 29
Lesson One Recording
53 mins
AE/AF Lock - Video explainer
Rule of Thirds - additional material - Video Explainer
Kinemaster Editing Tutorial - for a Testimonial Video.mp4
4 mins
The Shoot
The Shoot
Lesson Two replay - The Shoot.
(1h 02m 12s)
Slideshow editing in Kinemaster 26.mp4
6 mins
Essential Kit - Guide
Planning and Permissions - Essential reading
Confidence on Camera
Video Confidence
Editing Part One - on your phone
One to one class - Sarah
47 mins
Audio Editing with Kinemaster.mp4
4 mins
Splitting Clips and Colour Balance Kinemaster.mp4
2 mins
Desktop Editing
Editing Part 2 - on desktop. March 5
Video Optimisation
Using video to grow your audience
Video Stategy Bonus
Why do you need a Video Strategy
6 mins
Creating a Video Strategy workbook Download
4.86 MB
Video Styles
7 mins
Video Resources Checklist.pdf
33.2 KB
Your Investment
6 mins
Research what your audience is looking for
9 mins
Day 5 _ Video Strategy Challenge.mp4
6 mins

Master the Digital Maze

Hello I'm Anne Gould - my background is as a journalist editing newspapers and magazines. 
Having retrained my passion is now empowering mid-life business owners to embrace technology particularly using visual communication - video, photography and social media.
  • Smartphone Video Training
  • Social MediaTrainig
  • One to One Video Marketing
  • Instagram Intensive


I'm terrified of being on camera - is there anything I can do?

I understand completely - but you will learn ways to make video when you don't have to be on camera. But, you will also learn the science of video phobia and how to overcome it.

Do I need any special kit before I start?

There's a comprehensive section on kit - stabilisation devices, microphones, lights etc in the course so you don't need to buy anything to get going?

How do I access the course?

A few days before the start of the course you will be sent emails about joining the live sessions - which are on Zoom.
You will also be given access to a community platform for asking questions and posting homework.
Course materials will be made available on a week by week basis. 

What sort of phone do I need?

Smartphone Video for Business is suitable for Android and Apple smartphone devices.

What apps/software do you use for editing?

For smartphone editing I use Kinemaster which is available on iOS and Android devices. 
On desktop I used iMovie for Mac and Wondershare Filmora for PC.

What if I find technical stuff difficult

The course is devised for complete beginners and is devised to make it as easy as possible. For those who get stuck there are lots of opportunities to ask questions and find solutions.